My 2019

David Cain wrote a great post a year ago (Go Deeper, not Wider) and has just written a follow-up, which is worth a read: Why the Depth year was my best year My word for 2019 is Intention, and I have just one New Year's resolution: read more books (deeper) and less Facebook. I have a stack … Continue reading My 2019



The Danish word for Peace is 'Ro'. Just being home with no commitments or obligations for just a little while, is Peace with a capital 'P'. Or 'R' as the case may be. 🙂 From sorting fabrics to framed and hanging in an afternoon/evening. Some mood states are useful and the flow state is wonderful … Continue reading Peace

“The Dark Side of being an Empath” – Shahida Arabi (   This article is startlingly applicable, in many ways, to me. It feels as if Shahida Arabi interviewed me and then wrote it! Perhaps you will recognise yourself in it, too. I've extracted excerpts and bolded the sentences that resonate especially accurately to me, below. ((Italics in double brackets are my own comments)) … Continue reading “The Dark Side of being an Empath” – Shahida Arabi